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Choosing the Right Style of Shed

When browsing the large selection of sheds on, you’ll come across two main styles – apex and pent roof sheds. Both have their pros and cons, so it’s important to consider which is best for your needs.

Apex sheds, with their triangular roof shaping, are the classic style of garden shed. They provide more maximum height inside since the roof slopes up from either side. This makes them well suited for extra tall shelving or standing room. However, their angled sides can make interior space feel less maximize in some configurations. You’ll also need to be careful about siting them so no low corners pond water.

Pent roof sheds have a simple gabled style with one continuous slope instead of peaks. While they don’t offer as much height, they make clever use of footprint. Pent designs allow for full width usage front and back without compromising ceiling clearance. This can be ideal if space is tight or the shed needs to nestle neatly against a fence line. Roof design also sheds water efficiently.

So in summary, if headroom is top priority or you have ample square footage, an apex shed from may work well. But where every inch counts, a pent roof option will serve you best to maximize the most from your space.

weighing up Materials

When it comes to buying a hardy shed, the material used is an important consideration. The three main options are wood, metal and plastic.

Wooden sheds have a natural charm but require more maintenance with treating. At, pressure treated pine cores provide durable foundations while preservative seals surfaces. Over time periodic retreating is needed to prevent decay.

Metal sheds offer low fuss resilience if installed correctly. Galvanized and powder coated steel found at comes with anti-rust guarantees to last. They take very little care but may be less insulated than wood.

Plastic kits provide an affordable short term solution ideal for light storage. However quality can lackluster and they risk warping with extremes of sun and rain over many years of London weather.

For reliable longevity where summers are hot and winters wet, wood or metal from an invested supplier like allows durable enjoyment of a building for many years through minimal upkeep habits. Their treatments and warranties offer long term protection.

Considering Accessories

To get full practical use from your new garden shed, factoring in useful extras makes sense. Things like shelving, hooks and work surfaces add functionality for projects.

For security, robust padlock hasps or mortice locks secure contents safely outdoors. High windows allow natural light while double glazing keeps interiors dry through changing seasons.

Ventilation keeps air moving to prevent damp problems. Adjustable louvred panels or permanent openings circulate fresh air.

Electrical additions help turn sheds into workspaces, whether simple clip-on safelights or full mains-powered circuits. Safety is the priority through options like IP-rated sockets and switches placed high on walls.

Overall, well-chosen add-ons tailored to storage and activities optimise every square inch within high quality kits. From cozy craft rooms to garaging for garden gear, the right configuration suits any purpose.


In conclusion, choosing the right garden shed for your London property does require careful consideration of multiple factors. With’s extensive range of wood, metal and plastic sheds in various sizes, shapes and customized options, there is a style to suit even the smallest of city garden spaces.

It’s important to accurately measure your plot to select an appropriately scaled shed, and also choose between apex and pent roof designs based on priority of interior height or floor area use. Materials like pressure treated timber or galvanized steel from offer the best chance of withstanding the extremes of British weather with minimal future maintenance.

Paying close attention to aspects such as flooring, windows, ventilation and optional electrical additions can transform a basic shed into a fully optimized multi-functional garden room. Integrating security, storage solutions, and task lighting tailored to intended purposes maximizes the benefits within space constraints.

For London homeowners striving to reclaim workspace or pastimes from their residences, a functional, durable shed sourced from an established supplier represents a worthwhile long-term investment.’s decades of experience designing for the capital’s climate pays dividends through resilient, high-quality components.

With the right shed foundations and selection of accessories, even postage stamp plots can house amenities that enrich daily life and wellbeing through access to nature. Overall, investing in thorough research and a customisable option from secures excellent shedding solutions for many years of enjoyment.

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