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A Leader in Mobile Application Development

Revo Technologies is a mobile application development company located in Murray, Utah. Founded in 2009, Revo has grown to become a leader in designing and building apps for both iOS and Android platforms. They have developed over 100 apps for various industries including healthcare, education, retail, and more.

Revo got its start by developing simple utility apps for local businesses in the Salt Lake City area. As mobile technology advanced and smartphones became ubiquitous, the demand for custom apps greatly increased. Revo expanded its team and service offerings to keep up with this growing market. Some of their earliest clients included University of Utah Health, Bonneville Sego Lily Communications, and the Utah Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau. These pioneering projects helped establish Revo’s reputation for delivering high-quality, intuitive apps.

A Commitment to Client Success

What truly sets Revo apart is their commitment to ensuring client success. They understand that the goal of any mobile app is to drive real business results like increased sales, higher customer satisfaction, or improved operational efficiency. For this reason, Revo takes a holistic, user-centered approach to app development.

In the initial strategy and planning phases, Revo works closely with clients to understand both business and user needs. They conduct user research such as surveys, interviews, and usability testing to define the optimal app experience. Only then do they begin designing interface prototypes and mapping information architecture. This upfront investment helps prevent costly reworks later on.

Once an app is launched, Revo’s involvement doesn’t end. They offer ongoing support, maintenance, and enhancement services. This allows apps to continuously improve and keep up with the latest technologies and user expectations. Revo also provides analytics tools and reporting to measure an app’s impact. If metrics show the need for adjustments, Revo is ready to implement changes to maximize ROI.

Through this client-focused process, Revo has helped numerous organizations achieve their strategic objectives with custom mobile solutions. Apps have driven new leads, increased productivity, streamlined workflows, and strengthened brand awareness. Small businesses to large enterprises alike have benefitted from partnering with Revo to take their digital presence mobile.

Establishing Deep Industry Expertise

Over a decade in business, Revo has amassed considerable domain knowledge across multiple sectors. They have refined their methodologies and tailored solutions based on best practices and lessons learned with each new industry client. Some realms where Revo has particularly distinguished itself include:


Revo has developed over 30 medical apps for hospitals, physicians, insurers, and other healthcare providers. Their expertise lies in meeting complex compliance requirements while designing intuitive experiences for both patients and medical staff. Hits include apps for staff communication, record access, scheduling, telehealth, and more.


Understanding the unique needs of educational institutions, Revo has created secure portals and campus-wide info hubs. They also assist faculty with supplemental course materials, communications tools, and assessment apps. Students stay engaged with custom solutions for everything from class registration to activity signups.


For state and local agencies, Revo builds constituent services, permitting and licensing, open records portals, and more. Transparent info sharing, timely response workflows, and mobile access to basic operations are hallmarks. Revo helps government achieve its mission through streamlined mobile services.

Retail & Hospitality

Loyalty programs, inventory management, ordering, point of sale – Revo covers the full spectrum of retail’s mobile needs. They also bring venues, attractions and accommodations into the digital age through location-based apps, reservations systems, and on-the-go staff tools.

This deep body of knowledge has allowed Revo to demonstrate unparalleled results for new and diverse clients, regardless of industry. They can readily apply proven patterns and best practices to every project.

An Ideal Partner for All App Ambitions

As mobile usage and expectations continue rising exponentially, custom apps have become a necessity rather than luxury for virtually all organizations. Revo Technologies is an ideal strategic partner for any business or institution pursuing app-enabled digital transformation.

Headquartered in Murray, Utah’s burgeoning tech corridor, Revo combines technical expertise, industry knowledge, and client obsession into an end-to-end mobile solution. From visioning and strategy through design, development, and ongoing support – their experienced team ensures project success from start to finish.

Any company seeking to engage customers, optimize operations or pursue new frontiers through the power of native apps need look no further. With over a decade of proven results, Revo Technologies is the premier choice for full-service mobile application development in the Intermountain West and beyond.


In summary, Revo Technologies has established itself as a leader in mobile app development through their dedication to understanding client needs, advancing industry expertise, and ensuring project success. Based in Murray, Utah, they have worked with a wide range of businesses and organizations across healthcare, education, government, retail, and other sectors to deliver over 100 highly effective native apps. Revo takes a user-centered, strategic approach to conceptualizing, designing, and building customized mobile solutions. Their commitment to client service does not end at launch, as they provide ongoing support and analytics to maximize ROI for years to come. As digital transformation becomes more essential for competitiveness in every industry, Revo proves itself as the ideal full-service partner for any group’s app ambitions. Their reputation and wealth of experience position them at the forefront of the mobile application industry.

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