When I first got my HuraWatch, I was both excited and intimidated by its many features. As an avid user for over a year now, I’ve developed some helpful tips and insights. In this detailed article, I will comprehensively share my learnings on optimizing the software experience, accurate tracking, customization options, hidden features and how it compares to other models. By the end, you’ll be empowered to maximize all the HuraWatch has to offer.

What is HuraWatch?

The HuraWatch is a mid-range smartwatch from HuraTech delivering strong design, battery life and tracking at an attainable price point. Key specs include a vibrant 1.3″ AMOLED display, internal GPS, heart rate monitor, sleep tracking and over a week of battery in power saving mode. It seamlessly syncs activities and notifications between Android, iOS devices and its vast third party app ecosystem.

The features of HuraWatch

Packed with useful tools like calendar and weather apps, music controls and messaging alerts. Some advanced options provide ECG readings, blood oxygen levels and fall detection. Powered by the intuitive HuraOS, this watch excels as an all-in-one health, fitness and smart companion.


Design and Display

The sleek aluminum case and Corning glass exude a luxurious feel for the price tag. The slim and lightweight profile feels robust yet refined on any wrist. Text and menus are rendered beautifully on the vibrant 1.3″ AMOLED screen thanks to its always-on functionality and fluid touch responses.


An advanced optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and altimeter fuel precise activity tracking both indoors and out using internal GPS. Advanced models incorporate additional sensors for ECG data, blood oxygen readings and fall detection capabilities to support various wellness applications.

Battery Life

On a single charge, Hura claims up to 3 days of typical use or 7 days in power saving mode. In my experience with continuous heart rate monitoring, 90 minutes of GPS per week, 120 notifications daily and 30 minutes of music, it routinely lasts the full 2 days which is impressive. Standby time remains excellent too.

Software and Interface

Operating System

Powered by the fluid HuraOS, transition animations and load times for menus feel instantaneous thanks to the responsive processor. Overall navigation remains consistently fast and optimized whether toggling settings or launching apps.


A simple swipe down reveals notifications, swiping up offers quick access to controls like Do Not Disturb modes. Swiping left/right browses customizable widgets while a single tap backtracks and long press opens all installed applications. Simple and intuitive to use.

Apps and Widgets

Alongside Hura’s extensive catalog of exclusive apps, the Play Store supplies thousands of compatible third party options. I find myself frequently accessing widgets for weather, calendar events, workout stats and music controls thanks to the flexible widget system.


The notification settings allow selecting specific apps to receive alerts from on your wrist. Messages clearly display preview text and app icons. Best of all, many common notifications like text or WhatsApp messages allow interactive quick replies directly from your watch.

Activity and Health Tracking

Activity Tracking

Right out of the box, the HuraWatch automatically commences logging steps, distance traveled, calories burned and active minutes throughout the day. I’ve found these estimates to track well against other devices when verified. Additional metrics like elevation gain are also continuously monitored.


An extensive library of 15+ indoor and outdoor exercise modes include running, walking, cycling, swimming, yoga and more. Real-time stats for pace, heart rate zones and progress keep workouts engaging. Guided programs also help those new to fitness track improvement over time.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The optical heart rate sensor reliably monitors my beats per minute throughout the day and during workouts. Readings typically align well against chest strap readings. Tightening the watch improves accuracy by maintaining close skin contact.

Sleep Tracking

Analyzing my nightly sleep cycles has offered revealing insights. It automatically detects when I’m asleep and analyzes the stages of light, deep and REM sleep duration along with heart rate variations. The daily morning tips and long term trends help optimize my sleep hygiene.

Guided Breathing

To reduce stress, the breathing coach guides 2-5 minute meditation sessions proven effective for relaxation. Paired with calming nature sounds, these exercises are easily incorporated into a self-care routine after demanding days.


Phone Calls and Messaging

With the HuraWatch connected to an iPhone or Android, you can answer calls and even initiate new ones directly from your wrist. Texts and app messages like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger also seamlessly arrive and allow quick replies without ever reaching for your phone.

Music Control

Once synced, music playback, pause, skipping tracks and volume adjustments happen effortlessly from the watch. Playlists are even browsable on the go. Perfect when stuck in traffic or hands are full during chores and errands.


Setup takes only minutes using the Hura Fit companion app on iPhone or Android. Basic functionality performs reliably on both platforms. iPhone users receive additional perks like iMessage support. In general, battery life tends to last a bit longer when paired to iOS devices in my experience.


Watch Faces

Beyond the standard digital and analog preloaded faces, Hura’s extensive collection offers fresh new looks regularly. Free and premium third party watch face stores on the Play also never disappoint. I enjoy switching between various faces depending on daily attire and activities.


Thanks to its standard lug width, the HuraWatch embraces replacement bands from numerous brands. My collection spans colorful sport straps optimized for workouts alongside more dressy options like leather or stainless steel link accessories. Hot-swapping bands is simple yet stylish.


Whether tweaking home screen app tiles or adding/removing complication data fields on watch faces, personalizing the interface keeps everything clean and streamlined. Some favored third party programs include to log pool swims, Sleep as Android for sleep tracking plus Spotify and Citymapper for daily commutes.


Speed and Responsiveness

Powered by the speedy Snapdragon Wear chip, navigating menus and launching apps feels phenomenally fluid and responsive. Even after months of consistent usage, no stutters or lagging frustrations have arisen. Performance stays as optimized as day one.

GPS Accuracy

When testing outdoor GPS tracked runs and bike rides against Google Maps and Strava routes, the HuraWatch plotted my routes with high precision even under dense tree coverage or urban canyons. Locking a GPS signal takes about 30 seconds, reliably fast and consistent performance for the price.


How does it compare to Fitbit/Apple Watch/Garmin?

While less full-featured than an Apple Watch, the HuraWatch delivers a broader suite of health tracking abilities, thousands of third party apps and smartphone integration superior to mid-range Fitbits. Compared to dedicated sports-focused Garmin watches, it trades off some specialized training metrics for stronger daily smartwatch functionality at an even more affordable cost.


In conclusion, the HuraWatch strikes an excellent balance between style, plentiful features and reasonable affordability. As long as realistic expectations align with its mid-tier positioning, most users won’t feel let down. By applying my optimization recommendations, you’re empowered to unlock this smartwatch’s full potential. Now get out there and start logging your daily activities!

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